Painter & Editor

Co-founder and active member of The Cheapest University

Co-organizer with Clara Pacotte of EEAPES, a publication for the translation of queer and feminist science fiction texts



Cocotte, 2020, Paris, France, Solo Show, curated by Louise Sartor



Captain D. Case Fog, Treignac Project, 2020, curated by Sabrina Tarasoff

Your Friends and Neighbors, High Art Gallery, Juin 2020,  Paris, France

Yale Union/EAAPES, March 2020, Portland, USA

Tonus, October 2019 Group Show curated by Tonus

Garland, Group show curated by Sabrina Tarasoff, Treignac Project, June 2019

Let’s Play House, workshop organized by The Cheapest University

Les Peintres, group show curated by Non-breaking space, La Tôlerie, Avril 2019, Clermont-Ferrand, France

EAAPES at UMWELT for KLIMA Magazine, 2019, Saint Denis, France

Villa Vassilieff, Decembre 2018, Paris, France

Book launch of EAAPES#2, invited by Mélanie Matranga

Waiting to Speak, group show curated by Sam Basu, Treignac Project, July August 2018

Solo presentation, invited by Céline Poulin, CAC Brétigny, March 2018, Brétigny, France

Paris Ass Book Fair at Palais de Tokyo #EAAPES Talk, April 2018, Paris France

What’s in my bag, discursive program organized with The Cheapest University for Paris Internationale art fair, Paris Internationale, Paris, France

VideoBox#5 : The Cheapest University, curated by Maela Bescond Le Carreau du Temple, July 2017, Paris, France

On Color, Organization of a lecture by Amy Sillman with After 8 Books, book launch of the french translation of On Color, a text by Amy Sillman, Le Carreau du Temple, June 2017

On ne choisit pas sa famille, group show, curated by Louise Sartor, Cocotte, April 2017, Paris, France

La lune est le rêve du soleil, with The Cheapest University, video installation, auditorium du Carreau du Temple, March 2017

La classe fantôme, workshop organized by The Cheapest University, Treignac Project, June 2016

Madame X, exhibition with Hélène Baril, la Villa Belleville, March-May 2016

Cheaptalks, lectures organized with The Cheapest University, La Villa Belleville, June 2016, Paris France

Recto Verso, group show, Fondation Louis Vuitton, March 2015, Paris, France

Group show, curated by Jérémie Grandsenne, La cité des arts de Montmartre, April 2014, Paris, France

Du pain et des Jeux, group show curated by Corentin Canesson and Damien Le Dévédec, École Supérieure d’art de Bretagne, September 2014, Rennes, France

Black Coffee, October 2014, Paris, France, Exposition collective, commissaire Camilla Oliveira-Fairclough

Personne n’est indispensable, commissaire Charlotte Houette et Zoe Wright, La Fonderie, September 2014, Paris, France

Plus jamais seul, group show curated by Standards, Bibliothèque Kandinsky, 2014, Paris, France

The Office Box, 2014 with ♥Jamie Chan,Eric Palgon, Zoe Wright ♥ New York, USA

The Blind Hang Out, group show

Plus jamais seul, group show, Standards, 2014, Rennes, France

Les Spiritueuses, curated by Corentin Canesson and Damien Ledevedec, Standards, 2013, Rennes, France

Desejo e tornado visivel pelo destinatario, curated by Corentin Canneson, Stramonte, 2013, Lisbonne, Portugal

Vous vous foutez de nous, Biennale de Belleville, curated by Jason Hwang and Romain Chesnay, Shanaynay, Avril 2012, Paris, France

Mobile device, group show, Bodega Gallery, 2012, Philadelphie, USA

Mapping the Studio Again, group show, Le Moins UN, 2010, Paris, France

Tenants, curated by Jason Hwang and Charlotte Houette, La Fonderie, 2010, Paris, France

Le Cheval de Troie, CAES, avec Alicia Vaysse, group show, 2010, Ris Orangis, France

Room Scape de Sacha Ackas, group show, curated by Jean-Marc Bustamante, Espace Electra, 2009, Paris France

Melancholia, group show, Curated by Jean-Marc Bustamante, Opéra Granier, Paris, France 2008



Mousse Magazine 63, Ghost Stories of almost Nobody by Sabrina Tarasoff, April 2018



 Joanna Russ & EAAPES, Selected texts/preface by EAAPES, Ed Cambourakis, 2020

Amy Sillman, Faux Pas, Translated Texts by Amy Sillman, After 8 Books, 2020

Reader#3 EEAPES, selected interviews of Samuel Delany/Joanna Russ, 2019

Anne Boyer, Selected texts, co-edited by The Cheapest University/After 8 books/Betonsalon

Initiales N°12 Sylvère Lotringer, I love Dickinson, The Cheapest University, published by école nationale supérieure des Beaux Arts de Lyon

How to become a soft corpse recomposed in light fabric, DQ Press, Madame X avec Hélène Baril collection Dear Queer, 2018

How to become a lesbian, DQ press, collection Dear Queer, Polly Wall, Port Marly, 2016

Reader #1 EAAPES, texts translated from To Write Like a Women by Joanna Russ, 2018

Reader #2 344P35, texts translated from Sisters of The Revolution, Jeff Vandermeer (ed.), 2018



Ateliers Duplan, Pact(e), 2019

Soutien à un projet artistique, CNAP, 2019 (EEAPES) La Villa Belleville, Janvier-Juin 2016

Shanaynay, Treignac Project, Treignac France, Juillet 2014

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